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Gordon Ramsay’s Reviewing People’s Cooking On Twitter...And He’s Not Pulling Punches

Be careful what you wish for

Anyone who’s familiar enough with Gordon Ramsay to want the star chef’s feedback on their cooking knows exactly what they’re in for. The star chef is known to be fair in his assessments, but also brutally, colorfully, profanely honest in his criticisms.

We’ve seen it on Hell’s Kitchen, we’ve seen it on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and now we’re seeing it in his most public forum yet – Twitter.

People sent photos of their culinary creations to the chef in the hopes that he would offer his opinion. And he certainly did just that, offering up a mix of praise, encouragement, and his trademark disbelief that some people could be THIS bad at cooking.

Let’s get it going, because he’s been a busy man the past few days.

So far, pretty standard Gordon Ramsay feedback, right?

Well, with so many responses, he had to mix things up, so even went to the well of lame puns for a critique on one cook’s omelet:

But for the most part, he stuck with what’s been proven to work. Incredulous, colorful put-downs:

It’s unlikely anyone got their feelings hurt here, because a) he’s only mean to the dishes that seem to really deserve it, and b) it’s Gordon Ramsay, so what did you expect?

That said, he wasn’t sparing with the praise when it was called for, which, among the submissions, wasn’t all that often:

(Mental note: If you’re trying to escape the wrath of Ramsay, go with beef wellington. He seems to have a soft spot for it.)

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