Design an Infographic About Neighborhoods: Winner Announced Design an Infographic About Neighborhoods: Winner Announced
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Design an Infographic About Neighborhoods: Winner Announced

March 25, 2010
Launch Infographic

We're pleased to announce the winner of our neighborhood infographic contest. We've been immersed in neighborhoods recently (you will see the fruits of our labors in a few weeks), and so all these graphics were especially fascinating. As always, we're incredibly impressed with the amazing work that our community is creating for these contests, and it's incredibly hard to winnow them down. Sadly, we have to. Here is the winner, and a few honorable mentions.

2&21's take on the bike scene of Minneapolis was everything we were looking for in a neighborhoods inforgraphic. Besides being well-designed, it had a wealth of hyper-local information about an important community aspect of their city. We especially liked the on-the-ground reporting of the bike style survey. 2&21 will get a GOOD T-shirt, a free subscription (or gift subscription), and their entry will be printed in the next issue of GOOD. You can see their entry above or click here for a larger version.

A few honorable mentions, for which we have no prize but honor:

Jenny Wang's piece on the neighborhoods of Baltimore ("the city of neighborhoods") was informative and well-designed and generally excellent. Shane Keaney gets many points for his interesting data mining (who knew we could all fit so pleasantly into New Hampshire?). Finally, we must honor Kyle Pfister for his brutal honesty and humorous presentation. We hope things work out for you soon, Kyle. See their entries below, and click here for all the entries, all of which are fabulous. Also, please check back next week for our next contest.







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Design an Infographic About Neighborhoods: Winner Announced