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The GOOD 100: TED X

October 18, 2009

Garage Talk

The lauded nonprofit TED's "Ideas Worth Spreading" series is truly inspirational. Through its legendary talks and annual conferences, TED has brought together some of the most influential thought leaders the world over to share their bright ideas. But what if you have your own bright idea, and no podium? Enter TEDx, an offshoot of TED that allows anyone with a great idea to share it at an independently organized event pretty much anywhere in the world. It could be 12 people in someone's basement, or 1,200 in an auditorium-as long as certain criteria are met, and the TEDx team approves it, it can be a TEDx event.The first of its kind took place this past March at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, with eight speakers, and more than 1,150 registered attendees. Since then some 60 TEDx events have taken place, with another 250 planned all over the globe. The growth is staggering, and proof that the idea of spreading ideas is, well, spreading. "The enthusiasm for the TEDx program, the passion of the TEDx hosts, the quality of the TEDx events, and the rate at which TEDx is spreading across the globe has far exceeded our expectations," says Lara Stein, the licensing director for TED. "TEDx is the just the beginning of a whole new approach for education, and the spreading of ideas across the globe."Learn how to create your own TEDx event at
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The GOOD 100: TED X