Super-satisfying Instagram page is ID'ing the domestic terrorists who stormed the capitol
via Homegrown Terrorists / Instagram

UPDATE: The "Homegrown Terrorists" Instagram page is no longer available, including the images at the center of this article. Unfortunately, if you came here to see those images, they are no longer able to be viewed. The original story begins below.


How in the world did the people who ransacked the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday think they were going to get away with it?

The media was there in full force. Everyone had a camera out and many of them were so dumb they live-streamed their deeds on social media.

They even had the chance to conceal their identities by wearing COVID masks, but many went around bare-faced, exposing themselves both to the coronavirus and the world.

Psychologists would say they were all under the spell of mob mentality, making them feel like they lost their identity to that of the crowd. That's one way of seeing it. It could also be that they were just plain dumb. After all, the price of admission to this shindig was buying into Trump's disproven election conspiracies.

Now, in the aftermath, law enforcement agencies and social media sleuths are identifying these domestic terrorists and many are losing their jobs for participating in the insurrection.

Homegrown Terrorists on Instagram is doing a great job at identifying the motley cast of characters we saw all over social media yesterday. It's super satisfying to scroll through their posts and see them identified, mostly because of their own arrogance and stupidity.

This genius lost his job after admitting on camera he sat in Nancy Pelosi's senate seat.

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