A Cookie Cutter Cabinet of Curiosities A Cookie Cutter Cabinet of Curiosities
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A Cookie Cutter Cabinet of Curiosities

by Nicola Twilley

January 7, 2011
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This year, Philadelphia's fantastic Mütter Museum of medical oddities is upping the holiday cookie plate ante with its exclusive tasteless-yet-utterly-awesome Conjoined Gingerbread Men Cookie Cutter.

Inspired by the concept of eating Chang and Eng in cookie form, I wondered what other cookie cutter curiosities were lurking out there, in the dusty corners of the internet. As it turns out, only the timid need to stick to bells, stars, and snowflakes this holiday season. This slideshow is your guide to the ultimate in baking things that look like other things, from cephalopods to leg lamps.

There will, of course, be a prize for anyone who makes them all and sends in a photo of the resulting cookie plate mayhem.

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A Cookie Cutter Cabinet of Curiosities