As the world is growing, so too is the deep human desire to be better—to do more, to learn, and to progress within ourselves and in our cities. But where does this progress happen? It’s occurring all over the world in places that call forward like-minded folks who share this common desire for advancement. Whether it begins in a coffeehouse or an urban garden, certain spaces become magnetic hubs, attracting a crowd that doesn’t settle for status quo. A public square becomes a gathering space that demands political change. Or a small theater becomes a city’s beacon for transgender rights and art. Whatever the initial goal, the end result is often much more than that, culminating in the encouragement of self-expression, ideas, art, community, and action. With these hubs popping up in cities everywhere, humanity is advancing, people are learning, and those who dedicate their time to such noble causes are rewarded with the knowledge that they’re helping change the world.

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