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Who Knew A Badminton Highlight Could Be This Impressive?

Badminton: It’s not just for Memorial Day barbecues anymore.

If you’re a sports fan, you probably know that badminton exists. You may have even some of it played during the Olympics. But that’s probably as much thought as you’ve given it...until now.

You don’t need to be a student of the game to take in the drama, twists, and turns of this badminton rally between doubles teams from Japan and Denmark. (It merits noting that this highlight is from December, but, hey, it’s new to us. We’re slow to come around to badminton news.)

Watch this video. It’s like an entire Shakespearean play in 40 seconds.

Badminton strategy might escape the casual viewer, but it’s clear that the guy who’s sitting on the ground, returning smashes, is about as in-the-zone as any NBA legend. The dramatic music that sounds like it’s been stolen from an NFL films production doesn’t hurt the dramatic effect either.

The rally was so exciting it compelled many to make insanely hyperbolic statements on Twitter:

I don’t know if this is going to cause a run on racquets and shuttlecocks at the local sporting goods store, but it makes for some great entertainment, and the next time someone tells us of a badminton highlight we need to see, we’ll definitely be a little less skeptical.

Now that you’ve got badminton on the brain, here’s another rally that proves these guys might have tiny racquets, but they’ve got big hearts.

Oh, and if you need to go a little further back to build your foundation for badminton appreciation, here’s a remedial class:

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