This 73-Shot Badminton Rally Might Be The Most Impressive Athletic Display You See This Year

One competitor winds up so exhausted she’s unable to move.

A pair of badminton players nearly collapsed after an epic 110-minute tournament match. This clip from the BWF World Championships in Glasgow covers the tail end of the second game of what would be an intense 110-minute match between P.V. Sindhu of India and Nozomi Okuhara of Japan. Sindhu, who won the first game, was up a point 21-20 and looking to fend off Okuhara, to take the match to a third. The 73-shot match became one of the most epic badminton rallies in recent history.

The point ended mercifully for both players with a ball hit into the net by Okuhara. Afterward, the victorious Sindhu bent over gasping for air, while Okuhara lay on the ground, seemingly unable to move.

Since that point and the rest of the match, which Okuhara won in the third game, the two have enjoyed attention as the premier rivalry in the sport, garnering attention from even casual badminton fans (yes, they exist.)

This rally now surpasses our previous favorite badminton rally, which is still worth marveling upon.