A Philly Ballpark Celeb Has Been Fired For Touting White Nationalism On Twitter

It appears two nut jobs were lost in this termination.

Every local sports team has its minor celebrities held dear at ballparks and arenas. The Philadelphia Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park had for a while been the stomping ground enthusiastic vendor that went by the name Pistachio Girl. The name stuck long after pistachios were taken off the ballpark menu, and she switched to Cracker Jack.

Here’s a clip of Pistachio Girl in manic action, spotlighted during a game broadcast:

Suddenly, last week it came to light that Pistachio Girl, whose real name is Emily Youcis, was a very vocal white supremacist and nationalist on social media. Her employer, Aramark (not the Phillies) summarily fired her after “publicly connecting our company to views that contradict our values,” as expressed in a statement made to

On November 29th, the minor celeb was seen in attendance at a rally for the National Policy Institute featuring noted supremacist and nationalist Richard Spencer, and it didn’t take long for the proverbial shoe to drop on her ballpark gig.

Here’s video of her participation which also includes footage of a fight breaking out:

In response to rumors of her termination, she was just “waiting for the right time to break it to the Internet,” which suggests Pistachio Girl might be a little delusional about the size and ardor of her fan base:

Prior to that, she hadn’t exactly kept a low profile when it comes to her racist pedigree. She was seen at the Spencer rally, and the following day shot off this tweet:

She also expressed disbelief that she couldn’t stand up for “White Americans” as a public entry-level employee representing a billion-dollar company:

Really making sure she checked every box on the “white power rhetoric” list, she pled the case of all the White people who are facing “extinction.”

The tweets go on, but you’ve likely got a sense of who the real Pistachio Girl is and likely always was. So please, don’t read any more of Pistachio Girl’s tweets.

Fun fact: Pistachios are primarily exported by Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, and Syria, as well as the USA.

via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

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