A Blind USC Football Player Has A Remarkable Way Of Finding Out Where His Teammates Are

You don’t connect on 20-yard passes without knowing how to find your receiver.

The first game of USC’s 2017 season featured an amazing moment in which long snapper Jake Olson, who has been blind since childhood, took to the field for an extra point.

However, a new video reveals that Olsen’s talents also extend to passing. The Trojan lineman tweeted out a message (possibly?) joking about having his eye on the school’s quarterback vacancy.

Judging from this clip, Olson’s got a knack for finding players down the field without relying on sight. In order to locate his receiver 20 yards down the field, Olson waits for a clap to ascertain the progress of the receiver’s route and then aims the ball based on the source of the sound.

Here’s Olsen’s method in action:

Of course, in the commotion of a live football play, this technique may prove ineffective, but for the purposes of the video, it’s pretty fascinating.

In the likely event that the school decides to take their QB search in a new direction, Olson will still maintain his role as a long snapper — and based on another video USC posted on Twitter, he might have a golf career (or, at least, hobby) to fall back on.

Any guesses as to what athletic feat Olson will attempt next?