Cleveland Fans Unfurl Giant Banner That Misspells Team’s Iconic Nickname

This may literally be a sign of the times

How bad are things for Cleveland Browns fans right now? The Cleveland Cavaliers are the reigning basketball champions, the Indians are on the verge of winning the World Series for the first time in more than 60 years. They even got to host this year’s Republican National Convention. Which, regardless of your political views, is, well, something.

Meanwhile, the city’s dismal football team remains without a win nearly halfway through the season, sitting at 0-7. But at least there’s the Dawg Pound, right?

Nope, they even messed that up.

In an attempt to rally the faithful, a section of fans unfurled a giant banner which was supposed to read, “This is the DAWG POUND.” Instead, the banner somehow got taken out of order along the way, spawning the ridiculous hashtag #GPODAWUND from Twitter user Mike Klauss.

Needless to say, the embarrassing moment for a team so mired in mediocrity brought out all the trolls on social media. Things got so bad, one disgruntled fan even reimagined the misspelled banner as a giant “crying Michael Jordan” GIF. Maybe that’s supposed to be Error Jordan?

Still, it’s hard to feel too bad for Browns fan when their city is the hottest place in sports right now. Maybe some of that magic dust LeBron used to toss into the air before big games can be passed down to their struggling brothers in arms?