Dad’s Attempt To Play Catch With His Toddler Ends In The Cutest Failure Possible

“Ready to catch?” He said ‘yes’, but his body said ‘HELL NO’

A game of catch is a bonding experience for parents and kids. But sometimes a new parent might be in a bit of a hurry to get the game going, even if the kid isn’t feeling up to it.

Such was the case with this toddler who was on the receiving end of a mini football toss and does his best to placate his dad

Despite answering the important question, “Ready to catch?” it’s instantly clear that, no, the boy is not ready. In fact, he’s not thrilled about having a ball chucked at him in the name of paternal bonding.

This football game quickly turns into dodgeball. This dad should probably give the ball a rest for little bit and work on motor skills and confidence before grooming his kid into the next Dez Bryant.