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A Toddler Combines T-Ball And Basketball To Pull Off An Impressive Feat That Leaves His Dad Cheering

Calvin the toddler married baseball and basketball to nail a shot that’s got the sports world cheering.

Indoctrinating young kids into the world of sports is often an exercise in patience and managed expectations, celebrating basic achievements like catching and throwing. But 2-year-old Calvin was successful in a feat that impressed not just his dad, but the sports world at large.

In the tradition of two-sport athletes like Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, Calvin married the disciplines of basketball and T-ball to sink an impressive shot that his father, Mike, was quick to share with the world via Twitter.

Taking a champion’s cut at a basketball perched atop a tee, Calvin connected cleanly, sending the basketball through the air and straight into a basketball hoop located what must have been nearly 30 feet from the point of contact.

As you can see from the Twitter mentions in the video’s post, Calvin’s dad was quick to alert the media of his son’s impressive feat.

After sinking the shot, Calvin seems a little uncertain about how to react to what just transpired, but he quickly takes a cue from his dad’s enthusiasm and, ever the showman, does a celebratory dance/wiggle for the camera.

The unlikely and impressive moment left more than a few people wondering exactly how many outtakes were required to get the finished product.

Nonetheless, if the video required this dad and his son to spend all day in the front yard playing ball, well, there are certainly worse ways to spend time with your kid, aren’t there?

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