This Amateur Golfer Didn’t Know He Sank A Hole-In-One On National TV...Until He Heard The Crowd

The look on his face is priceless.

Given the topography and distance involved in a golf shot from the tee, it’s understandable why a golfer, especially an amateur one, would lose track of the ball after hitting it. Of course, when that ball happens to be a whole in one, and audiences on TV and in person are watching, that fact certainly doesn't make the golfer cluelessness any less entertaining.

David Colby teed off on the par-3 17th hole at the CareerBuilder Challenge in Palm Springs when he heard the gallery rise up in applause. As you can tell from this image, he didn’t know what the fuss was about:


Adding to the irony is the fact that it his ball was a blindingly neon shade of yellow, but judging from his outfit, it’s entirely possible that David Colby is colorblind.

Here’s the event in its entirety:

Not only does he get the satisfaction of having thousands (and, after the virality of this video, millions) of witnesses, but his feat scored him a car in the process.

Nonetheless, it’s a real shame he missed that hole-in-one.

via WFMZ / YouTube

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