Clueless Golf Fan Causes Tiger Woods To Miss His Birdie Putt

Tiger let it go, but the crowd wasn’t as forgiving.

Golf is a sports that’s known to be painfully beholden to its rules. A simple arithmetic error on a pro scorecard can cost a golfer a chance at victory, and even something as innocuous as laying down a towel to protect your pants is interpreted as cheating.

But one less formal rule exists for good reason. Golfers and fans alike should never, ever talk during a player’s backswing. It breaks their concentration at a crucial moment.

This rule is well-known and considered gospel among golf fans. Yet, one gallery member at the Farmers Insurance Open just couldn’t help himself when no less than Tiger Woods was lining up for a very attainable 10-foot birdie putt.

A visibly exasperated Woods shrugged off the egregious act and carried on, but surrounding fans weren’t so forgiving. They immediately singled out the fan and clamored for him to be ejected from the tournament.

It seems clear from the fan’s premature outburst that if it wasn’t intentional, the yell was certainly negligent.

If you’re attending a golf event, you really only have one job: Don’t make noise while the golfer is swinging. All it takes is one outburst to rattle a golfer for the rest of the day. So tread lightly, and stick to a polite golf clap to convey your emotions.