Giant Iguana Interrupts A Pro Tennis Tournament, Stars In A Great Selfie

A lizard, a chase, and one great selfie.

Yesterday’s Miami Open match between Tommy Haas and Jiri Hesley featured a guest viewer: an iguana. A large lizard planted feet away from the action caused a break in the match while players and officials figured out how to deal with the scaly visitor.

The iguana appeared (nonchalantly perched atop the scoreboard, just feet from the court), disappeared momentarily, then returned to catch more of the match.

During the break, Haas grabbed his phone and posed for a selfie with the visitor, but was called out by an ATP official for using a cell phone during a match.

Officials attempted to grab the lizard, spurring a chase across the court.

Shortly thereafter, the animal was caught and removed from the court. Haas went on to lose the match—but he’ll always have the selfie.