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A Baby Iguana Fights Off Dozens Of Attacking Snakes In This Amazing Nature Clip

This clip has more twists and reversals than an M. Night Shyamalan film

Considering it’s the last day of a taxing (to say the least) U.S. election cycle, “drama” and “suspense” might not be two things you’re going out of your way to find right now. But, if your heart can handle it, this video clip plays out like something a Hollywood producer couldn’t even dream up.

The nature documentary series Planet Earth II doesn’t hit the US until early next year, but the new season just premiered on British television two days ago, and if this clip is any indication, the six episodes are going to take us on a ridiculously wild ride.

The clip that’s making the rounds and effectively drumming up excitement for the new season features an almost Shakespearean conflict between a baby iguana left to its own devices and lots (and lots and lots) of snakes that would like nothing more to eat that iguana.

The below clip leaves us feeling doomed, hopeful, relieved, and exhausted. Which I suppose makes it fitting enough that we’re sharing this on election day.

(Feel free to assign liberal or conservative personalities to the animals involved to fit your preferred political narrative.)

Here is the scene as it appeared on the broadcast:

Then, if you’re looking for a different take on the inherently compelling chase, it took about three seconds for the internet to do its thing and set it to different music.

Here it is with the William Tell overture:

And, my personal favorite, setting the chase to the music of NFL films. It IS oddly reminiscent of Earl Campbell or Jim Brown shaking off defenders on their way to glory. But, you know, with snakes and iguanas and such:

I suppose now we just wait for the Rick Astley version and the internet’s work will be done.

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