An NFL QB Went 'Undercover' As A Transfer Student To Prank A College Football Team

Rocking a wig and fake tattoos, Jared Goff blindsided the junior college defense.

Sending a professional athlete undercover for the sake of a laugh (or a Pepsi promotion) isn’t a new gimmick, but the reactions of befuddled and overwhelmed amateurs unwittingly squaring off against pros, always makes for enteratining viewing.

With several months before summer camp starts in the NFL, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff joined in on the fun, playfully victimizing a junior college squad with his talents. With the coaches in on the joke, Goff represented himself as a transfer student named “Dreaj Foge,” a close-enough anagram of the QB’s real name.

Sporting a wig, temporary tattoos, and even a prosthetic mole, Dreaj took to Ventura College’s practice field with swagger and (misguided) confidence as he initially overthrew his receivers, only to blame them for his errors.

In short order, however, Dreaj turned on his talents, wowing his teammates with impeccable accuracy and throwing strength.

Once the disguise was shed, the players were dumbstruck, then somewhat honored to play in the presence of an NFL star, if unwittingly so.