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Former NBA Player Has A Blast Going Undercover And Schooling Pickup Players

He introduced himself as “Chris,” and his son recorded the hilarious matchup.

It’s been six years since former NBA player Mike Bibby took to a pro court, but it’s clear from a stunt on March 21, 2018, that he remains a pretty wicked opponent — at least for the average streetballers. Since leaving the pro game in 2012, Bibby hasn’t strayed too far from the sport, serving as a coach for his alma mater, Arizona’s Shadow Mountain High School.

While the video below shows that Bibby has kept up his chops on the court, six years away from the public eye is long enough that you can understand why his presence on a random public court wouldn’t draw much attention or suspicion from other players.

However, to ensure that he wasn’t spotted, he gave his opponents an alias, introducing himself as “Chris” to his unsuspecting victims. The account of Bibby’s undercover dominance comes via his son, Michael, who had the foresight to record the short work his father made in a game of 21.

Was the former NBA star doing this to impress his son? Out of boredom? As a laugh?

The intent isn’t clear, but any of those answers would be satisfactory as Bibby delighted himself by living out a real-life Uncle Drew scenario, proving his razor-sharp skills die hard.

Granted, the footage is grainy and brief, but it’s impossible to miss the mischievous smile that crosses Bibby’s face as he lines up after sinking a deep ball.

The whole scenario makes us wonder: Why doesn’t EVERY retired athlete do this for kicks?

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