Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Son Celebrated His First College Basket By Recreating An Iconic NBA Photo

Naturally, Mom was quick to weigh in on her son’s achievement.

Though Charlie Hall has garnered attention playing for Northwestern in previous seasons, his notoriety has been mostly due to the presence of his famous mom, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, cheering him on from the stands.

The forward hadn’t actually scored a bucket for his team going into his junior year campaign, but that dubious distinction went by the wayside when Hall took to the free throw line, scoring his first (and, thus far, only) point as a Northwestern Wildcat.

Even if you’re the son of a famous TV star, it’s difficult to commemorate a 50% free throw percentage in earnest, even if that sole bucket serves as the first point of your college career. So Charlie, known for having inherited his mom’s wit, had some fun with the moment.

In an homage to an iconic Wilt Chamberlin photograph after the NBA legend tallied up a record 100 points in one game, Hall posed with a sign commemorating his single bucket.

Of course, it didn’t take long for proud sports mom Julia Louis-Dreyfus to respond, perhaps as pleased with his hilarious commemoration as she was with the on-court achievement.

Hopefully, Charlie Hall’s basket is the first of many — or at least several — more this season.