Bill Murray Had A Hilarious Reaction To This College Player's Impressive Dunk

Murray’s son is a coach for the team, so a little emotion is to be expected.

Bill Murray is known to be a fixture at sporting events ranging from golf to baseball. But at the recent Xavier and Seton Hall matchup in Rhode Island, Murray wasn’t just a sports fan — he was also a proud dad cheering on his son.

Sitting in the crowd, as he’s often spotted at Xavier games, he was cheering on the team for which his son, Luke, has been an assistant coach. As usual, the ubiquitous actor was interacting with nearby fans as he so often does. But after a thunderous dunk by Xavier’s J.P. Macura, the actor raised the bar for emoting.

In his reaction, Murray was able to, somehow, shrug the play off as though it was no big thing, then cover his heart as though it was the most compelling feat of athleticism he’d ever witnessed. The heel-turn display is some of the best acting we’ve seen from Murray — on or off the screen.

In all fairness, the dunk was pretty stunning:

At another point in the game, the camera caught Murray exercising a little more restraint in his support of the squad:

Not only is Luke lucky to have his dad in the crowd cheering him on, but Xavier has to love the viral boost that the actor’s presence brings to this run of midseason contests.