NBA Players Keep Synchronizing Perfectly With Each Other, And It's Mesmerizing

Coincidences are bound to happen, but these are still pretty freaky.

Earlier this year, a clip of the Phoenix Suns went viral as social media users were transfixed by all five of the team’s players moving down the court in perfect unison. Viewers had no reason to believe the team had planned the strange moment ahead of time, but the result was so oddly perfect that it was hard to chalk up to simple coincidence.

Subsequently, many attributed the strange moment to a “glitch in the Matrix,” in which reality is interrupted by some sort of (fictional) underlying code that creates an uncanny moment, if only for a second.

Here’s the clip in question that left so many doing double-, triple-, and quadruple-takes:

Well, that’s not the only time two or more teammates have seemed to move perfectly in-step with one another. In fact, as this freaky and funny highlight video reveals, the phenomenon happens an awful lot.

Of course, a regular season features 10 players on the court for 48 minutes per game for at least 82 games a year, so the odds are far better this is mere coincidence than some sort of rift in humanity’s underlying “operating system.”

But where’s the fun in that takeaway?

So sure, let’s just say that this is definitive proof we’re living a “Matrix”-like existence. We’ll leave it to brighter, more scientific minds to prove us wrong.