The Phoenix Suns Run The Court In Perfect Synchronization, Creating A Hypnotic Visual Effect

All five players moved as though they were programmed in unison.

While the first few days of the NBA season may stand out for a heartbreaking pair of injuries to both the Celtics’ Gordon Hayward and the Nets’ Jeremy Lin, the early slate of games also brought at least one lighter moment when the Suns squared off against the Trailblazers on Oct. 18.

Following a stolen pass by the Suns, all five players, including the ballhandler, transitioned from defense to offense in perfect lock-step making their way down the court.

While the strange coincidence might not be immediately clear, the looped video served as a zen-inducing visual for many who watched it.

The more cynical basketball traditionalists found another explanation for the strange phenomenon.

Fortunately, this moment gave Suns fans something fun to take away from the game. Though they were up 9-2 at this moment early on, the team ended the game with the worst loss in franchise history, 124-76, which means that Portland went on a 122-67 run after this play.

Well, at least they hustle in transition, right?