The NFL Used Kiss Cams To Make A Moving Video About Love, Diversity, And Equality

The ad is a big departure for the league, and it doesn’t even feature the NFL logo

The NFL regularly draws the ire of critics and fans alike for its slow movement in addressing issues such as domestic violence in the league and fallout from concussion studies. But the league took a step forward with this recent video, made from kiss cam footage at the Pro Bowl, that celebrates equality, love, and diversity.

The footage is pulled from the kiss cam and shows love between mixed-race couples, same-sex couples, and straight couples in a public celebration of the sentiment. It might not be an especially progressive stance the league is taking with this video, but given the nature of the sport’s fan base, it’s a bold, if not overdue, move.

Here’s the video, entitled “Fans of Love” as the latest installment in partnership with the Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels project.

Perhaps what’s most refreshing about this video is that it lacks the self-congratulatory tone that many of their social efforts take, making this about the subjects and people, rather than the league. In fact, the NFL logo isn’t even in the ad. The league remains a flawed institution, but this video suggests that it might just be working to repair those flaws, rather than deny they exist.