Pro Golfers Prank Players By Giving Them Absolutely Terrible Advice On The Course

People are willing to completely ignore logic to believe a star athlete’s advice.

While veteran golfers may feel pretty confident on the course, nothing puts that confidence into question like conflicting advice from a more successful, established golfer.

In a recent prank video from the European Tour entitled “Bad Coaching,” some of the biggest names in golf prank their fans by giving them some of the worst, strangest advice a person can imagine.

But because the people doling out the nonsense are familiar pros, the golf students are all too quick to oblige.

Professional golfers Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Martin Kaymer, and Padraig Harrington have decades of success and wisdom, so fans were slow to cry foul when advised that the key to golf success might be … eyebrow raises? Or hiding the ball under grass so you don’t see it?

To an outsider, the absurdity is as clear as day. But to those subjects who are getting the lesson of a lifetime from Europe’s most accomplished golfers, logic and common sense don’t win out when competing against a pro’s advice.