Random Act Of Sport: Hillary Clinton Skateboards In Stilettos

Does President-elect Trump even know how to ride a bicycle?

Image via YouTube

Since Hillary Clinton’s concession speech on November 9, her public image has been largely reduced to Kate McKinnon sketches and selfies taken in the woods of Westchester County. She presents now, as Amanda Hess wrote, “as a recently retired women living her best life.” We find comfort in this image of Clinton at peace because it belies our own panic.

But in these weeks of transition, I’ve found myself dwelling more on this video from Puerto Rican skateboarder Dianara Vázquez, posted a day before the election, in which she teases “Donald Dump” and pops skateboard tricks while wearing a pantsuit, a Hillary campaign sticker, and high heels.

[youtube expand=1]

The video starts with Donald texting Vázquez-as-Hillary an invitation to the skate park; Hillary responds into the camera, “Donald the Dump, ha. I’ll be there.”

She proceeds to pop heelflips while the Trump character rolls around like a child. Afterward, Vázquez lounges on a porch sipping tea, then beams and says, “You know who to vote for: Hillary 2016!” as Trump bounces around like a monkey in the trees. This should have been a campaign video.

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