Random Act Of Sport: 3-Year-Old Races Toy Car Through Traffic, Only To Be Thwarted By Police

Officer rushes into street to protect toddler from getting run over

There are many reasons a 3-year-old boy might be driving down a busy road. He could be late to his babysitter. Maybe the strains of the gig economy have forced him into Ubering. Or he’s training for his preschool’s racing circuit. Whatever the reason, last month a child was spotted cruising down the middle of a street in Lishui City, China, in a toy car.

Surveillance footage shows the child walk-pedaling his plastic yellow single seater down the road while dodging traffic. Weaving through motorcycles, buses, and family sedans, the boy flashes a savvy behind the wheel until a police officer intervenes.

“When I rode out of the gate, I saw a little kid riding in his toy car through the traffic,” police officer Wu Feng told Reuters/CBS Newspath. “It was very dangerous with many big vehicles around him.”

Wu runs into the street, picks up the boy and his car, and carries them back to the child’s mother, who is off camera and presumably excited for her son’s promising future on the track. Everyone was unharmed.

“Without a second thought,” Wu said, “I rushed to the kid immediately and took him to the side of the road.”

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