If you were told that Seattle Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka’s name is commonly misspelled, you wouldn’t think it would be the “Steven” part that really caused him trouble, would you?

Well, you’d be wrong.

A photographer for Seattle-area Fox affiliate Q13 was double-checking the spelling of the kicker for the Seattle Seahawks when he found something odd – the player known to his club and fans as “Steven Hauschka” is actually “Stephen Hauschka.”

The organization, the league, and even his team have been spelling it incorrectly for years.

When interviewed by Q13 when they learned of the curious inconsistency, he replied simply, “There was a little mix-up in college.”

Asked which he prefers (in light of this new confusion), Hausckha, ever the artful dodger, stated, “Uh … I just like to go by Steve.”

The interview apparently didn’t prove all that enlightening in how his name got magically transformed during his journey from Middlebury College to the NFL, but if he’s fine going by “Steve,” that’s certainly his right.

Anyone out there who’s grown tired of spelling out their names or correcting people can relate (painfully, perhaps) to the headline contained here:

But as long as Steve, Steven, or Stephen keeps up performances like this:

Seahawks fans will no doubt be happy to call him whatever he would like.