Serena Williams Reveals The Toughest Challenge Of Her Life, And It's Not Even Tennis-Related

Even famous athletes struggle with mundane parenting decisions.

Serena Williams has proven time and time again that she’s not easily rattled. The 36-year-old tennis legend has served as the picture of toughness and focus in her career that has amassed 39 Grand Slam titles .

But like so many other accomplished individuals, she’s been flummoxed in her early experiences as a new parent. Not too proud to crowdsource some assistance from other parents, she posted to Instagram in December looking for tips to help with her child’s teething pains.

On Jan. 20, Serena took to Twitter to reveal what she’s calling the biggest challenge in a life full of challenges. It doesn’t take place on a tennis court, and it’s something most new parents can probably relate to.

Naturally, Serena’s fans were quick to offer responses as lighthearted as her “complaint” was.

Some replied that the biggest challenges are yet to come.

Even the U.S. Tennis Association got in on the chorus of responses, likening their operation to a rigorous match in the Australian summer.

Something tells me it takes more than some indecision over a stroller to derail Serena Williams, but it’s nice to be reminded she’s not immune to many of the problems that far less famous parents face.