Watch This Little Kid Creatively Beat An NBA Player In 1-On-1

Oklahoma City guard Victor Oladipo may never live this down.

Now that the NBA season is over and school-age kids are taking off for summer vacation, that means across America, basketball camps are starting. A lot of pro players host their own and at Oklahoma City Thunder Victor Oladipo’​s event, he squared off one-on-one with 12-year-old K.J. Windham.

Usually in these situations, the NBA player will let the kid go around him to score; they’​ll knock the ball away if they’re overdribbling, or they’ll swat the kid’​s shot into the bleachers. Windham had other plans. He did a few dribbles to lure Oladipo in and then, well, you can see the rest.

When Oladipo gets back to Oklahoma City next season, something tells us his teammates will be clowning on him mercilessly, whereas Windham will be a hero to his teammates for years to come.