Why Is It So Difficult for Food Companies to Go BPA-Free?

Campbell’s Soup Company is going BPA-free. Sort of. What's the holdup?

Campbell’s Soup Company is going BPA-free. Sort of. The company is beginning to use alternatives to Bisphenol-A—the chemical some studies link to reproductive problems and certain types of cancers—in its soup packaging, a company bigwig said at a shareholders' meeting last month. And it’s working to “phase out” the endocrine-disrupting chemical in all of its canned products. The BPA will be gone, the company promises, as soon as “feasible alternatives are available,” a Campbell's spokesman told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

By the end of this month, Campbell’s, along with companies like Heinz and ConAgra (both of whom have promised to eliminate BPA at unspecified points in the future), might not have a choice in the matter: The Food and Drug Administration has promised to decide by the end of the month whether to prohibit companies from using the chemical in food packaging.

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