Meet This Inspiring Group of Developmentally Challenged Rappers

They’re not letting disabilities keep them from the spotlight.

Zulu P is a group of four developmentally challenged rappers straight out of Queens, New York. They train and perform at Trans-Pecos, a space provided for musicians with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Sam Hillmer, the program director, claims that Zulu P is unlike any group he’s featured before, mostly because of their identity and energy as a group. The impediments that each member faces don’t hold them back or affect the level of unbridled passion they bring to the mic every day.

Check them out:

In a world where pity is often—and wrongfully—associated with the disabled community, Zulu P’s lyrics command respect and remind us all to embrace and follow our dreams with fervor.

Zulu P is made up of Marley G, T Roc, Andreina, and Lil’ EB. You can download their free mixtape, Taking Over the World, right here.

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