Watch What Happens When People Find Out This Rapper Is Gay

This comedian went undercover as a gay rapper to investigate stigmas in the black community.

Comedian Ben Bizuneh first had the idea for this video nearly two years ago. He explains, “I wondered why I’d always see straight white actors kiss each other in the movies, but I’d never seen A-list straight black actors do the same.”

The fear of appearing “gay in real life” in the black community was an idea that Bizuneh wanted to explore further.

So he became the fictitious rapper Boss Quoss, complete with a Twitter and Instagram profile, and shot a music video in which he kissed a guy.

Check it out:

“To be clear, I think homophobia is a problem in all races,” he notes. “But because I’m black, that’s why I decided to take this on.”

He continues, “I’d be lying if I said that making and releasing this video didn't make me uncomfortable, but I think that’s good. When you’re writing and performing from a place of discomfort, then that’s when you’re doing good, challenging work.”

What do you think?

Here’s the full music video for “Strokin’.”