Lady Gaga Challenges Piers Morgan’s PTSD Tweet

Lady Gaga recently opened up about having the disorder.

via Twitter

Two weeks ago, GOOD HEALTH reported on singer Lady Gaga’s revelation that she suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Gaga has battled the disorder since she was raped by a music producer as a teenager. PTSD sufferers often experience nightmares, repeated thoughts of the assault, negative feelings, edginess, and difficulty sleeping.

On Sunday, Piers Morgan, host of Good Morning Britain, made an ill-informed and callus tweet saying that PTSD was the “latest celebrity accessory.”

Morgan then doubled down on his blanket generalization saying that both Lady Gaga and Madonna’s rape claims were merely accusations because they never pressed charges. Morgan was obviously ignorant of the fact that over 40 percent of women never pursue criminal charges against their rapists because they’re afraid of being publicly shamed or told they’re lying. Which is exactly what Morgan was doing.

Lady Gaga calmly addressed Morgan’s ridiculous accusations.

Morgan then belittled the serious discussion by asking Gaga if she could “handle” him.

Then Morgan took another shot at a woman trying to raise awareness of a serious mental health issue.

And Gaga had just about had enough...

...until Morgan finally put on his big-boy pants.