This masterful Trump 'Easter' impression is so realistic it's hard to separate fact from fiction
via J-L Cauvin / YouTube

J-L Cauvin, a former assistant district attorney in The Bronx, turned comedian, is going viral for his dead-on impression of President Trump.

Cauvin released a video on Wednesday poking fun at Trump's ridiculous and dangerous plan to get American "back to work" by Easter on April 12.

In the impression, Cauvin takes a shot at Trump's penchant for outlandish braggadocio by comparing himself to god.

"I have decided, I'm announcing today, we are going to bring back the economy on Easter Sunday," the comedian said as Trump.

"Because god who, to be honest is, you know, he's a good god, he's done some strong things, some -- let's be honest -- his record is like not so great though."