3rd Ward: Giving Artists and Builders the Tools

Brooklyn is awash with creative young people. But what is an aspiring furniture designer or digital artist to do without the right equipment? Join 3rd Ward. A "member-based design center for creative professionals," 3rd Ward has photo studios, a professional wood and metal shop, a media lab, and office space. You can start a record label and a sculpture series. There's also free coffee. Memberships start at $49 a month.


At 1:30 in the video above, co-founder Jason Goodman says "While we were waiting for it to catch on, we just threw really big parties. And we would pay our rent with beer-soaked cash." That should sound familiar to any early friends of GOOD.

Speaking of early friends of GOOD, this video is part of a series by Sheepless, a media company founded by our old buddy Scott Ballum.