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A Collective, Positive Response to Black Friday

Instead of focusing on what not to do, Block Friday was created to be a reminder to make intentional actions on this day.

“If you don’t like something, change it” - The Holstee Manifesto

Last year, as we prepared for our first true holiday season, a friend asked what our ‘Black Friday strategy’ would be. It didn’t take long to realize this day is very far from the spirit of Holstee because it encourages people to go on autopilot, rather than ask questions and live an examined life. So we decided to balance it with a positive, collective response now called Block Friday.

Instead of focusing on what not to do, Block Friday was created as a reminder to make intentional actions on this day—whether it's making time for a potluck with friends, pick-up football with family, or supporting small businesses—whatever it is, it's an intentional decision. To do this, we’re asking as many people as possible one simple question, “What are you Blocking Friday for this holiday season?" There's no wrong answer to this question.

We're inviting all people, companies, and organizations to share what they are Blocking Friday, November 23, off for in the form of quick video declarations. We already have hundreds of people sharing their intentions for the day and growing, with early support from folks like Seth Godin, Sandbox Network, Maria Popova of Brainpickings, and the Center for Social Innovation.


We are regularly adding all videos tagged #blockfriday to the playlist. We're excited to work with more like-minded people and organizations to spread the word about spending the holiday mindfully and to continue to share commitments from individuals from all walks of life.

This is Block Friday’s first official year but we think there could be good reason for it to make an annual appearance.

So, we formally ask you: This holiday season, what are you Blocking Friday for?

About Holstee
Founded in 2009, Holstee exists to encourage a more mindful lifestyle through the goods they design and the messages they share with the world.

Embeddable Block Friday playlist available here, Hashtag: #blockfriday

Illustration by Fatim Hana

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