A First: Snake Plague in Australia

Snake bites threaten Australians' health during floods.

London's Telegraph reports today on an unlikely outcome of the floods that are washing over Queensland.

Snakes and crocodiles are moving into dry buildings to avoid the rising waters:

The mayor of Rockhampton, which lies 370m north of Brisbane, said crocodiles inhabited the flooded Fitzroy River and has warned residents to stay out of the murky brown floodwaters for their own safety. Snakes have been swimming at people's feet as they make their way through the water," he told the BBC. I know one guy killed four snakes this morning, one of which was a Taipan - the more it bites the more it injects venom that could easily kill.


Extra snakebite antivenom is being airlifted into the city. The snakes are definitely a surprising global health challenge for the new year.