A Tremendous Waste of Time and Money Comes to a Just and Long-overdue End (Franken FTW)

Congratulations, Minnesota. It's taken 239 days, but you have yourself a Senator: Al Franken.As MSNBC's First Read (via The Caucus) explains, the two candidates (that is, Franken and Republican Norm Coleman) raised a combined $51 million (and spent $50.3, including at least $11 on the recount) for a race that saw two and a half million votes tallied and was decided by a mere 312. Zounds.It's not the first time that a major election has come down to such a small number of votes (need we remind you of the sad story of Mike Freeley?), nor it the first time a recount has taken longer than expected. But even as a media story it's been tough to endure. I can only imagine how trying it was for the candidates.I think I speak for everyone-or at least everyone at this desk-in saying "Thank God it's over." And just in time for the climate bill to make its way into the Senate no less.