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Animal Shelter Infomercial Spoofs Show Incredible Household Uses For Cats And Dogs

Pet adoption parody ads put the power of the infomercial to good use

image via youtube screen capture

Pets: Is there anything they can’t do?

That’s the thrust of a new series of infomercial-spoofing ads, which re-frame animal adoption as not simply being about love and companionship, but about cats’ and dogs’ many, many household uses. Things like: “Alarm system,” “Laptop Cozy,” and “Sleeping mask”

Adopting a pet, it seems, isn’t just about rescuing an abandoned animal from life in a shelter, it’s about improving your life with walking, talking (er... barking/meowing) utility belts, able to solve all of life’s little problems with ease. The short videos perfectly lampoon the hyperbolic hysteria found in most “As Seen On TV” infomercials, right down to the cheezy graphics, terrible puns, and bumbling humans incapable of performing the simplest tasks without screwing everything up.

The ads urge viewers to “Adopt Now!!!” and offer two unique product models with which the average, hapless homeowner can improve their life.

"Pet Cat":

And "Pet Dog":

Clicking through to continues the infomercial charade, with a home page that lists even more astonishing pet “features” (“Garbage disposal,” “Paper shredder,” and “Ninja” – that’s for the “cat” model only, of course) and encourages visitors to “get yours today!!!” with links to an actual animal shelter adoption website.

As Adweek reports, the clever spoofs are the creation of R&R Partners, and were made for the Las Vegas-based Animal Foundation, an eight-acre campus that houses “houses adoptable pets, all lost and found animals" and a number of animal health-related facilities.

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