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Check Out Brooklyn's Fresh New Shipping Container Radio Station BBox is Brooklyn's New Community Radio Station, Direct from a Farmer's Market

BBox is Brooklyn's upstart community radio station coming direct from a farmers' market. They're looking for fresh DJs and hosts.

Back in March, we asked you to help design Brooklyn, New York's newest public market. The hitch was that the ambitious Dekalb Market for farmers, crafters and dreamers would be housed entirely in reclaimed shipping containers. Some wild designs came in that would spark commerce, creativity and local culture.

On behalf of GOOD, I was one of the judges for the competition, so now it's time to meet the winner: BBox, a Brooklyn-centric community radio station in a big metal box.

"While some people are into slow food, we're into slow media," Donna Zimmerman, one of the founders, tells GOOD. The idea is to offer local voices, from DJs to poets, to cooks, to thinkers, to any old person with a good idea, some time on the station, which will broadcast in the open air while the market is open, and to the nearby community as well as streaming online. The BBox bunch is eager to gather a diverse mix of styles and supports to represent their home borough.

According to their call for applicants, BBox wants to be a lot of things from a little box: a "catalyst, collective voice and aural archive of the creative energy developing in and around Brooklyn."

"We're hoping to get some remarkable and wide-ranging material from the community," Zimmerman says. "Brooklyn is full of wildly creative, insightful and opinionated folks. We created BBox Radio to give them a platform."

And they want contributors. They ask, "Do you love organic cooking? Golden era hip-hop? Smart kids' music? Discussing art theory? We want you to submit your show!"

The deadline is July 5th. Apply here.

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