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Biking Is Way Up in New York City. Again. Biking Is Way Up in New York City. Again.

Biking Is Way Up in New York City. Again.

by Andrew Price

November 12, 2009
And here's another fun chart: According to the most recent data from the New York City Department of Transportation, biking in the city skyrocketed again this year. The colored bars represent the number of bikes counted at different commuter points over the course of a single day.Our friends at Streetsblog provide an explanation:The new counts bolster the evidence linking safer bikeways to increased cycling. New York's bike network expanded significantly in the past 12 months, including protected paths on Broadway, Eighth Avenue, the Sands Street approach to the Manhattan Bridge, Allen Street, and Kent Avenue in Williamsburg.There's that, there's also the phenomenon of the fixie as fashion accessory, the gas price scares and the recession, the fact that as more people bike the safer it gets, and a growing awareness that carbon emissions are bad. There are lots of reasons biking would be getting more popular right now. Anyway, it's all good news. Congratulations, NYC.I wonder if this reflects a national trend. Has biking been getting more popular in your city?
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Biking Is Way Up in New York City. Again.