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Biking Saves Americans $4.6 Billion Each Year Biking Saves Americans $4.6 Billion Each Year

Biking Saves Americans $4.6 Billion Each Year

by Sarah Laskow

May 25, 2012
The Bike Nation series is brought to you in partnership with CLIF Bar.

In New York City recently, when the government announced the details of its bike share plan, the city collectively whined. An annual membership, which will cost $95, was too expensive. The fees for trips that ran over 45 minutes were too expensive. The whole idea was too expensive

True, New York’s bike share is more expensive than other systems like it. But it's be cheaper than owning a bike, which costs just over $300 in annual upkeep, according to the Transportation Research Board. And it’s nothing compared to the $7,000 or so that a car sucks up each year. Because cars are so pricey, Americans who are choosing to bike instead of driving are saving huge amounts of money—$4.6 billion, according to the calculations [PDF] of bike-friendly groups. 

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Biking Saves Americans $4.6 Billion Each Year