Bill Clinton Loses 24 Pounds, Starts Vegan Revolution

Bill Clinton talks about his new (mostly) vegan diet-why he did it, and why you should too.

Joining the ranks of celebrities who are sort of vegan, Bill Clinton has announced that to lose a bunch of weight and get his ticker in better shape, he's adopted a plant-based diet. Now, instead of snack foods and burgers, he's a sort-of-pescetarian. Specifically, he's dairy- and meat-free—occasionally treating himself to a little fish. He eats lots of plants, drinks almond milk with protein powder, and he's a new man because of it.

Now, he weighs what he did in high school. But that's not why he did it. He did it for his heart, pointing out that according to research, 82 percent of the people who have gone on such diets have had full recovery in heart health.

Here he is, gabbing with Wolf Blitzer about it:


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