Chris Evans Acts The Part Of Captain America, Gets Political On Twitter

“​This is beyond partisan politics”

Not one to stand on the sidelines, preserving his mass appeal, Chris Evans, best known as Marvel’s Captain America, is using Twitter to decry President Trump’s policy of “extreme vetting” of immigrants from predominately Muslim countries.

Knowing very well he’ll be faced with the inevitable “Boycott Captain America!” and “Stick to movies!’ responses that any vocal celebrity faces, he nonetheless tweeted a measured and thoughtful response to Trump’s executive order, signed Friday.

This isn’t his first foray into political waters on social media. The actor best-known for playing the most patriotic hero...ever...used his profile to speak out on gun control during the congressional sit-in last summer:

Whether or not taking a stance on the immigration policy changes the United States faces will hurt is career remains to be seen, but it certainly lends support to those fighting against the xenophobic policies forced upon many legal U.S. residents and citizens.