Contest: Send Us a 200-Word Review of Jonathan Franzen's Freedom (Deadline Wednesday)

GOOD's Book Club needs your clever reviews of the brick of a book, Freedom. Deadline is Wednesday, and there are prizes (and glory) to be had.

About a month ago, we inaugurated GOOD's first book club. We went with the rather obvious choice of Freedom, Jonathan Franzen's insanelywell-reviewed (and backlashed) novel about family, freedom, misery, and the American Dream. We also announced a contest, and we're still counting on your geniusly brief reviews. So send them to us by Wednesday, please, and maybe you'll win a prize.

To recap: You write a 200-word review of the novel, and post it in the comments section. We're looking for insight, thoughtfulness, and entertaining prose. The best three reviews will be published on the website, and the overall winner will receive a free subscription and a GOOD T-shirt.

Also, later this week, we'll run part two of our discussion of the book, focusing on the happenings on page 291 through the end, as well as the novel as a whole. (Part one, where we talked about the first 290 pages of the book, is here.)