The Craziest Guests On ‘The Daily Show’ Weren’t Acting—They Were Telling The Truth

They believed all the nonsense they preached.

Next to Jon Stewart’s wonderful, menschy face, Daily Show audiences for years have loved only one thing (almost) more: the show’s guests. Not just the brilliant and reasonable guests, but the ones from the field pieces, the people who magically argued that Obama was “the next Hitler” and compared the Iran deal to the Holocaust (sorry, that wasn’t a “funny guest” but a real life presidential candidate). For years, people wondered if the guests were real, before correspondent Jessica Williams finally revealed the answer last night: Yes.

“Jon, they are real, and they do know who we are, and they don’t care, because we bring a camera with us … Jon it’s like Girls Gone Wild except they flash us their controversial ideas.”

Favorite (hateful sexist homophobic highlights?): the man who claimed that a large proportion of homosexual men enjoy “drinking each other’s urine.” Or the man who brilliantly argued: “if you’re poor, stop being poor.” The Daily Show interviewed close to 2,800 people over the years. These are not actors, and according to Williams, “In our experience, the vast majority of Daily Show interviewees feel the same way [after being on national television].”

Take a look at the (duh) hilarious clip above.

(Via: New York Magazine)