Crowdsourced Self-Portraits: What Does the GOOD Community Look Like?

A roundup of self portraits done by the GOOD community

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about ex-Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush's new foray into painting. Specifically we mentioned his self portraits, which were largely celebrated in the art world—even by staunch liberals. That got us to thinking, if George Bush can excel at the self portrait, so can we. So we asked you—the GOOD community—to send us your best #goodselfie via Twitter. The results prove that our former prez has competition in the creative realm. Here they are, your best submissions, in no particular order.

By @rachel_manns

By Shelly Burgon

By @topheranton "Everyone's had to make a #goodselfie at some point or another, and anyone who hasn't, should!"

By @Antiques_Life "with the help of my roommate's dog, I made this photograph of myself."

By @AnusiaGrennell "Duckfacepeacesignselfie"

By @arqueteto

By @ArtbyWendyKlein

By @cosmiacian "One of my first attempts at blending illustration & photography."

By @digitalpharaoh

By @boucksy "laughable selfie from 2005 done with acrylic on a 4x3' canvas for senior show in high school"

By @Harmonyscray234

By ‏@noticement "#goodselfie of my hand holding a cup of paint & coffee mixed, that made the painting, too."

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