A Handy Primer on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show Replacement, Trevor Noah

Get to know the witty South African comedian with these interweb gems.

Before Trevor Noah officially takes over The Daily Show later this year (or early next), get to know the witty South African comedian with these interweb gems.

  • Noah’s correspondent debut this past December tackled police brutality, Ebola, apartheid, and the continent of Africa’s unfair reputation as “just one giant village full of AIDS, huts, and starving children.”

  • Noah is an ace when it comes to discussing identity politics, and much of his standup material is rooted in his dynamic childhood. When Noah was born, his parents’ interracial relationship was illegal in South Africa. As a result his mother was jailed and fined by the government. There is a fascinating documentary on Netflix about Noah that touches on this and much more. Check outYou Laugh But It’s Truehere.
  • The Daily Show Podcast Without Jon Stewart” is treasure trove for interesting factoids about Daily Show correspondents, hosts, and backstage tidbits. Check out Noah’s full episode here.
  • While he’s been commenting on current events and identity politics for years in his standup, it’s the comedy side of things that makes Noah tick. His standup specials are all excellent, but in “Trevor Noah: African American” the successful comedian really digs into American society with his special brand of wit. Watch it here.