Seven Cities Around the World Are Hacking Their Environment and Crowdsourcing the Data

Hackers, makers, and innovators around the world have set up DIY environmental data sensors and are crowdsourcing their findings.

On February 6 the data streams from 100 DIY environmental sensors around the world will go live, measuring air quality, noise, pollution, light, and temperature. As part of Data Canvas’ second ever visualization project, “Sense Your City” will launch in San Francisco, Geneva, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Bangalore, Singapore, and Boston. The hope is that hackers, makers, artists, universities, and innovators of all kinds will use the data for all sorts of projects.

Image via Data Canvas

The project accepted applications from hopeful data collectors late last year, and shipped chosen DIY-ers a box of hardware. Participants then received instructions on how to build their sensor nodes, program them, and install them in their city via their web hub. “This is a DIY, community effort,” reads the project FAQ page, “and the more engaged we all are, the more successful the project will be and the more interesting the stories we can tell with the data each and every one of you is generating as we speak.”

The environmental awareness initiative will run for three months.